Craft Room Make Over

Apologies for being MIA for a few weeks. But what a crazy busy Easter break we had as a family. And then I added to that a Craft Room Make Over… crazy crazy times.

I started by gutting my craft room and pulling everything out. To get a quick sneak peak at what my room looked like before go here to my FB page.

Then I re-arranged the furniture and turned my 4 seater table into a 6 seater – by adding an extra table to the length. A few modifications to my desk area and other bits and pieces.

I had a few gaps in places along the walls and needed a smaller desk (because I decided that the old one was really a dumping ground and that if I had a smaller desk I’d dump less – we’ll see how that goes).

The biggest decision I made was to not put anything back in before I at least looked through it and sorted it to some degree. I half filled the rubbish bin (in my shire in Australia these are a 80L wheelie bin) with non recyclable items. These items were also not suitable to donation or sale to others. I also 2/3 filled the 120L recycle bin. Mainly with old paperwork and things that I’d been saving for goodness knows what purpose. I have a new stash of stuff to sell at my next garage sale event. My children of course got a stash of stuff to add to their own craft room. Their craft room is the old cubby house that one weekend we turned it into their craft room. My daughter took great pleasure in painting the walls – Jackson Pollock has a rival I think. You can see the video of her creation here. Below are a few of the before photos.

As I sorted I put things away. Yes, I moved a few things around as I went, but now a week on, I’m really liking it.

I haven’t taken any photographs of it – but I did do a video. You can check it out here.

Until next time when I share with you some of the creations I’ve been making in my revamped craft room.

About scrappychicksctmh

Mum of 2 beautiful girls and 1 beautiful little man. Paper addict. Scrapbooker and Papercrafter of 20+ years.
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