My Favourite Products from the new Seasonal Expressions 2 catalogue

May has started with a bang and boy has it been crazy, I’ve had no time to blog. I’m sorry. At the end of the email I’m sharing a video of some albums I’ve completed.

I’m back here now and thought I’d share with you some of my new favourite products that have come out in the New CTMH catalogue. Click here to see the full catalogue.

Funnily enough the thing that has me the most excited is the new tip for our Liquid Glass. For those familiar with this product, you’ll know that it is an awesome embellishment product (this used on top of things to create an epoxy resign type look, gives a beautiful almost glass like look on things). But it is also a very strong glue. The down side to the packaging of the product is the applicator tip – it can clog up if you’re not careful and needed to be unclogged with a pin. Thus bang CTMH have introduced an applicator tip that can replace the original tip. It has a thin metal nozzle, that then in the lid has a “pin” that goes down the nozzle to keep it from clogging up. I love it… it has changed my Liquid Glass using life (and I use it a lot in my projects for adhering all sorts of things – sequins, chipboard embellishments etc.)

Whilst talking glue it is with regret that I have to let you know that our Bonding Memories Fine Tip Glue is no longer available (note the broad tip Bonding Memories Glue is still available) – supplier no longer making them. So CTMH have been looking at products on the market that would be a similar dual purpose adhesive. They have added to our range the Tombow “Multi” Liquid Glue. This adhesive creates both permanent (wet) and removable (dry) bonds, just like the Bonding Memories. Goes on white and dries clear, it is photo-safe and acid-free.

They’ve also added the Tombow “Aqua” Liquid Glue. This glue creates strong permanent bond. Glue goes on clear and dries clear. Washable, photo-safe, and acid-free. Hehe… I might start sticking sequins to my daughters t-shirts with it – love washable. Both of these glues have a fine and broad tip.

Yes I am a little obsessed with adhesives. My husband can’t understand why a Crafter needs to many. But he knows not to question too much… hehehe…

Now you might be thinking at this point what about the new papers. Well yes they are beautiful – but for me it is all about the tools and what I can do with. Because there will always be lots of beautiful papers. But you can check them out here if you need to look ASAP.

So when it comes to tools I love a good die cut set. And CTMH have not failed to deliver. You can see all the new ones here, but some of my favourites are:

I have to admit that I am starting to absolutely love sequins. And with this catalogue CTMH have released a fabulous mutli coloured pack. Combine these with glue dots (yes another adhesive) they are very quick and easy to attach to any project you desire. Plus the colours add a great new addition to my shaker cards (and shaker pages).

Last, but not least, I’m loving a new page protector size and a new multi pack of page protectors. I’ve been combining these and a heap of flip flaps in my most recent albums. You can check out a video of these albums on my FB page (sorry – it’s a long one as I was very excited to share my trip from to the CTMH Utah Convention in 2017). The creative strategy behind these products is one of Stacy Julian’s brainwaves and lines up with her new “how-to” book that is now in our range.

Hope you like my new favourites (to add with my old favourites) and learned a few tips about using them. I will be back later this week with a new Blog Hop post. Yes I’ve joined a Blog Hop Group. It’s another step out of my comfort zone and so I joined an accountability group (fellow Aussie and NZ consultants who each month blog about projects they’ve created) to keep me blogging.

I’d love to hear what you think of the new products and even what sorts of things that you do to keep you accountable with what ever goals you have in life.

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Mum of 2 beautiful girls and 1 beautiful little man. Paper addict. Scrapbooker and Papercrafter of 20+ years.
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